Team composition does matter

Different from Summoner’s Rift and ARAM, you are no longer controlling just a single champ, but a whole team. Before adding item to your champs, you have to consider the whole team. Ask yourself e.g. How it can benefit the whole team? How to improve your team strength and prevent your opponent from hacking your team composition?

Take the most out of what you have

You believe you have well developed your team with all-round abilities by having core ADC(s) to deal continues damage; assassin(s) to invade opponent’s backline; a tank to guard your ADC; a CC to deal melee attack. However, this composition is not a guarantee for climbing up to the top of the ranking. You need items for improving the strength and weakness of your team.

Next game is another game

RNG makes every game run differently, and you are likely to come back again to see what you can get in the next game. No matter how lucky you are, it is less likely you can build up the same team with the same items in every game. It is critical for you to take the most from what you have to win the game.

Craft when your team is in shape

In general, you can craft 6-8 advanced items from basic items (depend on how much round you can play). In your collection, 1/3 of the basic items are from your selection while others are collected in random ( dropped from monsters in bonus stages). Since you cannot reverse the crafted items, never urge to craft, wait until your team composition is in shape.

Couple of tips to share

  • 3-stars champ worth for an item with its decent specs.
  • Try to craft an item with a not-in-use champ. You can sell this champ for retrieving the advanced item. This can prevent from making mistake during crafting.