Want to play Pokemon Masters, but still new to the game? Want a 5-Star trainer but don’t know how?
What if I told you that a method would guarantee you 2400 gems on your first play through?
Well, follow the instructions below!

Try and get 2400 Gems in Pokemon Masters by following the instructions below!
  1. Before you play, login or link up your Nintendo account to get 600 gems!
  2. Upon entering the game, you will start in the Pokemon Centre!
  3. Click on Explore and Main Story!
  4. Complete the tutorial in Chapter 1 to get Rosa (Snivy)!
  5. After the tutorial, return to the Pokemon Centre and use Sync Pair Scout to obtain a guaranteed Whitney (Miltank)!
  6. Now equip Rosa and Whitney, and play Chapter 2!
    (Snivy’s grass element would be an advantage in this stage, even against Piplup!)
  7. During the battle with Barry, aim for the skill with Snivy X Sp. Atk All. Then, using Pikachu, spam Thunder Bolt attacks to defeat Piplup. After completion, play Chapter 3-1 as well!
  8. Completing the level unlocks a Sync Pair Scout scene and talk to each of the 5 characters (Brock, Misty, Whitney, Barry and Rosa) to get 50 Gems!
  9. And now, you will earn 1000 Gems for a one-time log-in bonus!
  10. An additional 200 Gems is given from the launch celebration event!
    (Can be earned once per day for ten days)
  11. Click on the login rewards and get 100 Gems on the first day!
  12. Now, you should have a total of 2400 Gems! Since the Sync Pair Scout x 10 does not increase the rate of a 5-Stars Trainer, it is best to save your Gems to do solo draws until you get a 5-Stars and stop; save the Gems for future draws!

Note: If you could not get a 5-Star trainer at all…

  1. In your phone, go to Settings, then Account Management and Delete Storage Data
  2. You DO NOT need to re-download the game, however 32mb data after Chapter 1 would be re-downloaded
  3. You can still re-link your Nintendo Account to your new accounts and still get the rewards from the game from the beginning.

Happy Scouting! Good Luck Trainers!