Newbie Hunter


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For Newbie Hunter,

First of all, Welcome to the MHW, and here is some suggestion.

About the weapons pick:

Different monsters have different elements, so, I do not suggest newbie start with element kind of weapon, because which mean you need to craft a weapon for each elements, that means it is kind of not for newbie, cause you always out of money and materials. So, I do suggest a new hunter try non-element and close-range melee weapon. Here is the list.

  • GS
  • LS
  • Hammer
  • HH
  • GL
  • Saxe
  • CB

Second, why I do not suggest newbie try range weapons, it is because you need to buy a large amount of ammo, which means you will need to burn you money with every shot, plus, most of the range weapons need some good decoration, that why I think, it is better to start with melee weapons.

From the list, LS, Saxe, and CB will be the top 3 weapons that I suggest to a newbie because LS is the best solo weapon and easy to learn and use, which is always a good starter. Saxe is fun to use and no hard to solo, it is pretty easy to have good damage as well, but the most important reason is, for the Sword mode, it carries the skill of “Mind Eye”, which mean your sword would not be bounce off, well, the sharpness does drop quick, but, if your sword would not be bounce off, plus you have unlimited sharpness stone, it is nothing really need to worry about.

CB is kind of hard to learn, but if it is your first weapon, you have lot of time to learn, because of the use of CB and the damage it could be done, it is a pretty good weapon to start as well.

P.S. CB has element and non-element weapons, but here, I do mean the non-element one.

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