How Dual ADCs Rock the Battle Ground of TFT

If you are looking for a tactic for climbing up the TFT ladder, you are probably in a wrong place. Below is just my grip on TFT after playing a couple of games.

Start with 3 Nobles

If you are new to TFT and you don’t have any favour Champ or combination to start with, let’s go for 3 Nobles first. This prevents you from loosing HP in the early game. Garen, Vayne, Fiora and Lucian are those Champs you can easily grab in the early game. When you place 3 Nobles on the battle ground, you will have a bronze buff for Noble. This dramatically enhances the defense for one of your Champs. Bronze buff is the most efficient when you have 3-5 Champs in play.

Balance CC, Defense & Damage

In the middle of the game, when you are up to level 5-6, you should establish your team on diverse abilities. This includes but not limited to cloud control, defense, damage carry. Never go too far for a buff or your favourite Champs nor neglect the balance of the abilities. Try to think about how to prevent other opponents from countering your team nature with easy tweak. And try to think about how you can crack other’s team. For example, if you have a hard time facing heavy ADC damage, you can add an assassin or Anivia to counter. I have had 3-stars Vayne and Ashe on the battle ground. With the advantage of the Ranger Buff, the AS of the Ranger were enhanced. Those Rangers just deal damage on one single enemy only. At this time, I equipped my ADCs with Statikk Shiv to clear enemies with low health.

Different racial can work together

Glacier Buff is critical for dual ADC’s combination. This makes your enemies stood to take all of your ADC’s damage before they can kill. Next, you have to be on the lookout for your potential rivals. e.g. Yodel has a chance to dodge your attack. Assassin can take down your ADC in a second. Demon has a chance to burn your Champ’s mana. Adding Leona, Cho’ Gath and Braum to your team can improve defense. Of course, there is no golden rule to win a RNG game, but tactics help you stay longer. This is why TFT is fun and you will never get bored with it.

Thanks for your reading and please stay tune for more of my sharing!