Heavy Bow Gun (HBG)


Posted by CedricF26

HBG is a very powerful but low mobility weapon, even the dodge is the slowest as well, but compare to LBG, it allows you to add-on shield, so, you can make a tank as well.

There have 3 main ways to use HBG:

  • No Shield Damage HBG
  • 1-2 Shields Damage HBG
  • 3 Shields Tanky HBG

-No Shield Damage HBG

Fully focus on Damage, it is also the hardest way to play HBG, Damage is very high, but you can not upgrade you mobility, so, timing need to be very good.

-1-2 Shield Damage HBG

Half tank and half Damage, which allow do some “not bad” damage and you still can block most of the attack from the monster.

-3 Shields Tanky HBG

The most tanky HBG, which allow u block almost all attack, the damage is not good, but you can face the monster longest.

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