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Q: I just start the game, but should I go solo or find teammate(s)?

A: Solo is always the best to learn about the game, you can understand the monsters easier, but if you really think you need help, teammate(s) always good to have.

Q: Is there any difference between Solo and in a team?

A: Monster in Solo will be the basical state for solo, but if you are in a team, which mean is multiple, no matter how many teammates you have, you will fight the multiple version of the state of the monsters, which is 2.6times more of the state.

Q: I am an LBG player, is the damage really so low?

A: Not really, the damage of LBG could do always depend on the player and the skills you have, of course, it is hard same damage as GS or CB, but it is still a good damage weapon to play with.

Q: Should I just pick high damage weapon?

A: I do not suggest you pick weapon as this way, to pick the weapon should be based on your own playstyle, find the one you like most.

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