Teamfight Tactics Origin Buff List

Bacis Advanced
Demon Demons have a chance on-hit to deplete the target’s current mana and deal true damage equal to the mana depleted. 2 Demons: 25% 4 Demons: 50% 6 Demons: 85%
Dragon While 2 Dragons are in play, all Dragons are immune to magic damage. /
Exile Exiles start combat with a shield equal to 100% of maximum health when not placed adjacent to an ally. The shield does not scale with Ability power icon ability power. /
Glacial Glacials have a chance on-hit to Stun icon stun for 2 seconds. 2 Glacials: 20% 4 Glacials: 30% 6 Glacials: 45%
Imperial A select number of Imperials deal double damage. This does not affect items. 2 Imperials: One random Imperial 4 Imperials: All Imperials
Ninja Exactly 1 Ninja: This Ninja gains 40% attack damage. Exactly 4 Ninja: All Ninjas gain 80% attack damage.
Noble Grants 100 armor and basic attacks restore 35 health on-hit : 3 Nobles: A random ally. 6 Nobles: The whole team.
Phantom While 2 Phantoms are in play, a random enemy will begin combat with 100 health. Works against epic monsters, but deals less damage. /
Pirate While 3 Pirates are in play, you begin each PvP round with a chest that grants between Gold 0 and 4, with an average value of Gold 1.6 per chest. /
Robot Robots begin combat with full mana. /
Void While 3 Void units are in play, your team gains 50% armor penetration. /
Wild Wildlings generate Fury on-hit, up to 5. Each stack gives 10% attack speed, up to 50% attack speed. 2 Wildlings: Fury benefits all allied Wildlings. 4 Wildlings: Fury benefits all allies.
Yordle Yordles have a chance to Blind icon dodge enemy attacks. 3 Yordles: 25% 6 Yordles: 60%