Great Sword (GS)



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GS is one of the close-range very high damage melee weapon, however, the attack speed is very slow, but it could be used to block the attack or counter-attack as well.

There have 3 main ways to use GS.

  • Hit and Run
  • Air Hit Loop
  • Classical GS

-Hit and Run:

so, basically, you only do 1 hit and run away or you only charge for the first hit then run. It is the easiest way to use GS, most of the players use this way to encounter Kirin.

-Air Hit Loop

this one basically stays on the edge of high ground, keep using the non-physical way to do short jump, which is face to the opposite side of the edge and dodges to the back, and then do the air charge attack(you can charge up to Level 2). keep do it as a loop. This is the way also as know as air GS.

-Classical GS

Classical GS as know as Guild GS which is the most classical way to play GS from the old Monster Hunter game. Which also mean you do the Basic Charge(up to level 3), then a Power Charge ( up to level 3) and a final True Power Charge (up to level 2). Or you can use Tackle(it can cancel the charge as well or as a counter-attack) as a combo between the Basic Charge(up to level 3) and True Power Charge(Up to level 3). This playstyle has the highest damage compare to other 2 styles, however, it is the hardest playstyle as well.

-Basic combo

Basic Charge>Power Charge>True Power Charge




Y(press/hold) > Y(press/hold)> Y(press/hold)





O(within combo)

R2+O(without combo)

Δ(after dodges)


B(within combo)

RT+B(without combo)

Y(after dodges)


RMB(within combo)

Ctrl+RMB(without combo)

LMB(after dodge)

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