Whilst people may sell used consoles, big gaming companies may prevent this from happening outside their retail area. Though online markets tend to view selling used Switches an auction habit, is this case when the Switch’s capability is… different?

Want to purchase a Switch console at a decent low price? Just visit some online shopping websites and you’re bound to discover used consoles sold at a presumably low price. That may not be the situation as of now, though. Recently, ResetERA user Intoxicate have put up their second-hand Switch for sale on eBay and realized that the site has removed their product off the shelf, due to violation of Nintendo’s intellectual property rights.

Later, it is discovered that the used Switch (though not modified) was being described as “Having the capability to be modified”. It led to eBay’s decision in removal of the products; yet, the company’s action suddenly sparked controversy in a heated online discussion. Some people considered it being a strict move towards the auction of second-hand products, whilst others deemed it as a reasonable action.

Based on this incident:
Do you agree with the company’s action of removing used Switch consoles from the market?

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