Action Gundam Mobile game finally launched today

Gundam Breaker Mobile

Most of the Mobile app games of Gundam are card games, chess type or team versus type. However, an Action 3D Gundam mobile app game launched today, which is Gundam Breaker Mobile. Gundam Breaker was a Play Station game as the very first game and in this series. The reason why people like it is based on the creative of the Gundam you could make as your own style and the exciting action of combat system this game.
Then, here come the mobile version, it does carry the idea of the console version of Gundam Breaker, which is as a teenager who could built a gundam on his own and battle with others. The mobile version does keep the freedom of “Create your own Gundam”, but the problem is as a mobile game is the parts and gears that you want for your gundam, you need to draw it with your gems, just like other app games, lucky that it is not the only way, the game does provide some quests for player to gain some parts of a specific models. The difference between draw and mission are draw could get the rare parts from a rare gundam easier than mission, player do not even need to unlock the mission as well.
Also, story mission provides some amount of gems as well, it is kind of beginner friendly when I started the game. Combat system is pretty good, you could melee, you could shoot, dodge and you could use your specials as well, the system is pretty close to console version but the style is kind of different based on it is a mobile version, can’t really do much about it. The weapons that you could carry are different as well, player could only bring one of each types, one for melee, one for shooting and one shield. Player also could bring two teammate and one friend as a team.
Beside those factors, player could customize your own gun dams with paint as well, the colour of each parts ( just for the main part) as well.
The game has Auto mode as well, which mean player could leave it aside sometimes, but while in Auto mode, there has some problems, first of all, the A.I. is kind of stupid in combat, no matter is movement, targeting or melee ( most of the time it just keeping the mid distance), then is the camera angle, it always keep the angle in a weird way, you could not even see the enemy most of the time as well, which mean you don’t even know what it is shooting to most of the time, third, it only has Auto and non Auto mode, and you couldn’t have any kind of control while in the Auto mode, it just like locked all the control unless you switch it back to non Auto mode. Fourth, screen will become dark then stand by, if player has not touch the screen in a while, it is not like Seven Sins or Black Desert Online Moblie that have the screen power saving mode, and this a huge problem for me, because if I set it in Auto mode and I need to keep touching the screen just because I don’t want it to go stand by, that why I play it in Auto mode?
Overall, this is a pretty well made game for me, it is free, so it is good for a try, plus it just launched today, so, the models of gundam are kind of few.

Gameplay: 7/10
System: 5/10

That mean, it is a fine app game, good for a try. Thank you.

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